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Download & Installation

There are several ways to obtain hyperSpec.

Install stable version

Inside R type:

> install.packages ("hyperSpec")
to install the stable version from CRAN.

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Install nightly build

To install the nightly build (development version) from R-Forge, inside R type:
> install.packages ("hyperSpec", repos="")
Nightly builds of Windows binaries are sometimes a few days delayed.
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Install from .tar.gz or .zip archive

Download hyperSpec prebuilt on my computer

Source (.tar.gz) and Windows binary (.zip) packages can be installed by

command line:

$ R CMD INSTALL filename.tar.gz

in RStudio

click "Install Packages" in the package tab and then select "Install from: Package Archive"
Do not unpack the archive.

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Clone svn repository

svn users:

checkout using your favourite svn client program, or

$ svn checkout svn://

git users:

git-svn is highly recommended:

$ git svn clone  svn:// \
> hyperSpec
-rHEAD makes a shallow copy retrieving only the most recent revision.

Install from repository clone

Build and install the package:

$ R CMD build pkg/
$ R CMD INSTALL hyperSpec_0.xx-yyyymmdd.tar.gz

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