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New Version of hyperSpec on CRAN

A new version of hyperSpec is available on CRAN. This is mostly a maintenance and bugfix version.


> install.packages ("hyperSpec")

or update:

> update.packages (oldPkgs = "hyperSpec")
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Deprecate logbook III

The next step has been taken to deprecate the loogbook (see the explanation in vignette ("introduction")).

Functions logbook and logentry have now been removed. The @logbook slot still exists but cannot be accessed any more by getter and setter functions. It should stay an empty data.frame from now on.

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Deprecate logbook II

The next step has been taken to deprecate the loogbook (see the explanation in vignette ("introduction")).

From now on, functions logbook and logentry yield a warning that this functionality is deprecated.

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read.jdx.Shimadzu superseeded by read.jdx

read.jdx.Shimadzu is no longer needed read.jdx is now available with more general functionality.

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LabRAM ASCII File Import: read.txt.Horiba

Horiba(-Jobin-Yvon) LabRAM .txt files can now be imported directly using read.txt.Horiba.

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Extended binary arithmetic operators

hyperSpec’s binary arithmetic operators (+, -, *, /) now working for calculations on spectra matrix plus row or column-vector objects as well, so that many calls to sweep can now be more easily expressed, e.g.


> plot (flu - colMeans (flu))


> plot (flu / rowMeans (flu))
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Import Cytospec .mat files: bugfix in `R.matlab` 2.0.4

A recent update from R.matlab version 1.7.0 to 2.0.1 broke the import of Cytospec-saved Matlab files due to different handling of Matlab structs.

Thanks to Henrik Bengtsson for taking immediately care of it, the import seamlessly works again wiht version 2.0.4.

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Bugfix spc.rubberband baseline fitting

spc.rubberband was not working correctly for data where the baseline is /above/ (e.g. transmittance, reflectance).

This was corrected. The argument to switch to upper baselines is now upper = TRUE (instead of lower = FALSE as it was before).

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Import Multispectra JCAMP-DX files

hyperSpec now imports multispectra JCAMP-DX files.

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Spectral smoothing: splines and Savitzky-Golay filters

hyperSpec offers several ways for spectral smoothing:

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Shimadzu GS-MS import

Björn Egert sent a new version of read.txt.Shimadzu.

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Deprecate logbook

The next step has been taken to deprecate the loogbook (see the explanation in vignette ("introduction")).

From now on, new ("hyperSpec", ...) yields a warning if data for the logbook is handed over, and the file import functions do not create logbook entries by default any more.

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Bugfix hyperSpec initialization

hyperSpecs initialization method has been fixed that prevented creation of hyperSpec objects when the spc= argument to new was a data.frame.

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Witec ASCII file import

Witec supports two types of ASCII export, which now can both be read by hyperSpec:

ATTENTION: the ASCII import functions have been renamed:

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Import Cytospec .mat files

hyperSpec gains a new file import filter reading Matlab files written by Cytospec.

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Graphical Interaction in Spectrosopic Data Analysis: hyperSpecGUI

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hyperSpec: working with spectroscopic data

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Chemometric Analysis of Spectroscopic Data in R: hyperSpec

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